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MODEL NO. 2324

NSN: 5805-01-125-5976


Telephone Set TA-838A/TT is a ruggedized, digital processor controlled equipment operating with low battery power consumption and providing the following service operational modes:

  • 2 Wire, DC Supervision, DTMF Signal, CB
  • 2 Wire, DC Supervision, DTMF Signal, LB
  • 4 Wire, DC Supervision, DTMF Signal, CB
  • 4 Wire, DC Supervision, DTMF Signal, LB
  • 4 Wire, AC Supervision, (2250 Hz Seize, 2600 Hz Release) DTMF Signal, LB
  • 4 Wire, AC Supervision, (2250 Hz Seize, 2600 Hz Release) DTMF Signal, CB
  • Point to Point, 570 HZ Ring Burst, LB

  • Meets Requirements of U.S. Military Specification MIL-T-49110 (EL)
  • 4 Wire or 2 Wire Local or Common Battery Mode selection for Operation with AN/TTC-25, AN/TTC-38 (V), AN/TTC-39 or SB-3614 Switching Centers
  • Typical Operating Current of 300 ua On-Hook, 5 mA Ring and 1.8 mA Off-Hook Extends Useful Battery Life
  • Input Response and Output Tone Signal Generation are Digital Computer Controlled for Accuracy and Reliability
  • Voice and Signal Paths Have Internal Self-Checking Circuits
  • Component and Circuit Design, 4 Layer PC Board and Shielding Reduce Noise Generation and Susceptibility

Input/Output Impedance

600 ohms Nominal

Voice Frequency

300 to 3500 Hz

DTMF Signaling

16 Key CCITT Standard

Seize Signal

2250 Hz, -7 to –2 dBm

Release Signal

2600 Hz, -7 to –2 dBm

Point to Point Signal

570 Hz, -7 to –2 dBm

Seize Acknowledge and Ring Detection

555 to 585 Hz, -24 dBm min.

Audible Alarm

900 to 3500 Hz, 77 dB re .0002 Dynes/sq cm min. at 3 feet (9.2 meters)

Typical LB Current

300 ua On-Hook 5 mA ring 1.8 mA Off-Hook

Battery Requirement

4.4 to 6.4 Volts (Four BA-42 or “C” Cells)

Operating Temperature Range

–35°C to +66°C

Applicable Environmental Specifications
(Temperature, Altitude, Leakage Bounce,
Shock Drop, Dust, Salt Fog, Fungus)




Overall Dimensions

6 in. High X 10 in. Deep X 6 in. Wide (15cm) X (25cm) X (15cm)


6.5 lbs. (3.2 Kg)

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